Using the Virtual Interview to Get Best Fit Tech Talent for Your Company

Tech recruiting is getting tougher and tougher through time, and also by the time, the interview process for tech recruitment, is also shifting itself from pen and paper to online job boards, through social media and now, by conducting the virtual interviews.

Hiring the best tech talent is a long and stressful process (takes almost 45 days to successfully recruit an employee) and the recruiters always look for a way to make this time-consuming process easier and smarter, using some common technologies like Skype, Webcams, etc., and thus, they found a way through virtual interviews. The old and traditional face to face interview becomes outdated, as the virtual interview seems to be the new kind of way of recruitment to the HRs of the tech recruiting companies.

The virtual interview, often calls the digital interview or video conference, is the easiest way to get the best fit tech talents for a company. Though the traditional face to face interview is the common ever, it is time-consuming as well as costly for the recruiters. The virtual interview is generally conducted in a fully automated manner through an online platform. Recruiters generally go for this virtual interview process as they can generally assess the initial potentiality of the candidates. Also being in an unprofessional manner, some candidates do not value the virtual interview, as they show informal behavior or negative body language or sometimes they show their un-comfortability in front of the camera, which actually shows nothing but the lack of the interest of the candidate. Along with this, the organizer can also be able to evaluate the candidates online before having face to face connection with them. After successfully passing the virtual interview, the recruiters can call the candidates for a face to face interview in the office and then recruit them.

Apart from this, conducting virtual interviews is beneficial for a tech company in these ways:

Conducting a virtual interview gives easier access to a tech recruiting company to find the best tech talent, they do not need to set an interview platform, they do not need to make an interview board, they do not need to make an interview team, lastly, they do not need to be present in the office early by time to make a whole set up for the interview. Just make a live broadcast, send a link to the candidate to join the broadcast and then conduct an interview virtually.

The virtual interview can save that extra time of the recruiters those they use to make an entire interview process. Also, it saves that extra cost which they use to set up the whole interview process. Again scheduling a virtual interview is always easier and better than that of the traditional one. As there will be no problem if the candidate or the recruiter can not be present at the interview day, they can set a different date also. But in traditional one, for both the recruiter and the candidate, it says a big loss, the whole interview set up will be valueless and again it has to be set up, which is costly for the company as well as for the candidate too.

Using the virtual interview the recruiters can access tech talents across the world. Companies can expand their candidate searches nationally and internationally through virtual interviews. This allows the long-distance candidates to be more audible and viable to the companies, as a candidate lives in a neighboring state, then s/he will be unable to come for a traditional interview, also for a recruiter, always going to set an interview in different states or countries will make it more costly. The virtual interview conduction makes a reduction in travel costs and also allows more efficient use of time for both the tech recruiting company and the candidates.

Using the virtual interview, it shows the recruiters that they re agile and long-sighted as a company by using these modern recruiting solutions, as video interviewing is the most popular with high-tech companies. Even the companies can use any artificial intelligence or AI to conduct the interview which shows the technological up-gradation of the tech companies and make a good branding of the company.

For making a virtual interview, the recruiters can go for two ways. One is a “one-line video interview”, and another is a “two-line video interview”. In the first step, the interviewers set some questions and recorded it and sent the link of the video to the candidate, the candidate then also make a video regarding the answers of the questions, and then submitted it or sent it through email. After satisfying themselves, the interviewers make a platform, where the candidates can answer their questions live, lithe interviewers ask questions, and also the candidates respond immediately, and also both can be visible to both the person, which will make the recruiters see the candidates in their home turfs. After successfully passing the virtual interview, the recruiters can call the candidates for a face to face interview in the office and then recruit them.

Now for the main part, using the virtual interview a recruiter can get the best tech talent. How? Okay, let us focus on this now.

No Competition:

Online interview or virtual interview gives recruiters the opportunities to get the competition free interview by which they can easily access one candidate with a longer time to get to know him/her fully, also they can interact with the candidate easily. Also, the candidates will get the rival free platform, so they can easily express him/her self in front of the interviewers.

No Biasness:

Sometimes interviewers get biased when it comes to an interview, using virtual interviews, there will be fewer biases, which will definitely give the chances to the recruiters to get the best tech talents. As the recruiters can not see the candidate in person, and will not go for their physical appearances to feel biased when recruiting tech talents.

Interests of the Candidate:

Conducting a virtual interview, the recruiters can check the main interest of the candidate to his/her job profile or the recruiting company. If the candidate is serious about the job role or the recruiting company, then they will never show any kind of uninteresting facts or body language or behavior to the recruiters. They will be dressed formally, and be determined to answer all the questions the recruiters will ask. The recruiters should go for questions regarding the company and the job roles, to know how much research has been done by the candidate it shows the serious interests of the candidate.

Get to know the Candidate Fully:

The Virtual interview gives the candidates a chance to fully show what they are made of. And also what are they capable of. Also by using virtual interviews, it let the recruiters or the interviewers observe the candidate, his/her body language and how they answer questions in front of the camera under pressure.

Capabilities of the Candidate:

By conducting a virtual interview a recruiter gets to know how much the candidate is technologically capable, like by watching how the candidate masters to use this online based interview program, which helps the recruiters to determine whether the candidate is fit for the job or not.

The Seriousness of the Candidate:

As the virtual interview occurs in a very unprofessional and informal way, so some candidates can show their lack of seriousness regarding this online interview. They can perform multitask at the very time of the interview, like chatting with friends, browsing facebook, checking email, etc. which clearly shows the lack of the seriousness of the candidates regarding the job. Do not go for these candidates.

Check the Personality:

The recruiters should ask same questions to every candidate with whom they are conducting virtual interviews, it shows them to know about the personality of the candidate along with basic soft skills, like how they communicate, how they possess themselves in front of a camera, how they can handle situations, etc.

Last but not the least, every process has its own drawbacks, like this virtual interview process, also have some problems like poor net connection, un-comfortabilities of the candidates in front of a camera, etc. also it will not allow the recruiters to watch the non-verbal behavior of the candidates. But using this kind of interview will speed up the entire interview process.

Even if the recruiters can thinking of the telephonic interview with the candidate, to save the extra cost, still I am telling you that, the virtual interviews are beneficial as it allows the recruiters to see the candidate and their performance in front of a camera with pressure.

Thank you, readers, for reading the full article. I hope these above passages will help you to recruit the best tech talent using the virtual interviews. If you find this article helpful and satisfied, then please do share it with your friends and colleagues. Also, make a comment below to let me know that if you have anything to add up in the article.

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