Top 10 Tips for Creating An Ideal Work Environment For Your Tech Talent

6 min readSep 20, 2019


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Competition in the tech industry has skyrocketed and as you know, and many essential ingredients to success in tech companies have changed. Salary and perks are no longer the driving agents for tech talent. It means that they won’t work for you if you are high on capital, they “need something more” and they are always “on a look-out for more”. So what exactly are they looking for? They are looking forward to a “healthy work culture”. You need to create an ideal work environment for your tech talent.

Your tech talent is different from your other employees right? It is because they do not think about work hours, holidays, and other factors that can easily satisfy other employees. Most tech employees are highly passionate about their jobs, and they need their own creative space to work. These are the employees that you highly want to retain because they act like supporting pillars for your company.

So today in this article, I will brief you about some unique techniques that can help you create an ideal work environment for your tech talent so that you can make them feel better about their place of work or make them more comfortable in your company.

Here are the tips to upgrade your work environment:

  • Team sessions at the beginning of the day

In order to start your day on a positive note, you can allot a quarter of an hour for a team discussion. In this discussion, make sure you address the goal of the day as well as resolve the issues of the past day. You can encourage your tech talent to talk to each other on projects and allow them to give each other appreciation and advice. It is highly important to guide any newcomers or interns in your company in this session. In this way, it is likely that your team will start the day with more positivity and enthusiasm. Also, issues of the past day could be easily resolved. A fair warning would be, to not start the day with any sort of negativity as it will affect the whole team the whole day.

  • Safety and Security

You need to chalk out how to upgrade your company’s security and protection policy. It is necessary for all your tech employees regardless of their gender and age. Also, security and protection here doesn’t denote physical security and protection only, rather it is also about the security and protection of personal data of any tech talent. You need this not only because it will help you retain your tech talent, it will also save you from the hurdles of facing insurance claims from your employees. You can also consider internal security threats. Eliminate toxic personalities from your work environment regardless of their post and designation. You and your tech talent deserve a healthy and safe work environment.

  • Value your tech talent’s time

As usual, your tech talent does not worry much about working hours. Sometimes they work like maniacs to give you their best. So it is your responsibility that you try not to increase their pressure by making them work for an employee who is on a leave. When you tell a particular employee to complete another employee’s work which is in a mess, you are technically not respecting that particular tech talent’s time. As I said before, your tech talent does not value salary or other benefits, but they do respect their personal time. Also, avoid talking frequently about paying for extra hours. This may work for your non-tech employees but because tech talent is always in high demand, it is better not to implement this overtime pay strategy every time you want them to work a little more. Requesting is a better policy here.

  • Support employees during Crisis and Challenges

We always aspire to build our companies with the help of humans and not machines. So, it is expected that your tech talent even though highly skilled may come across challenges and crisis situations. Guide them thoroughly through these situations and if there are any mistakes, give your tech talent the opportunity to learn through their mistakes. Your tech talent needs your support all around the year, especially in times of crisis.

  • Implement new policies with the advice of your tech talent

I can understand that your competitors are already trying new modes of upgrading the company culture and you are tempted to try these modes. You can definitely change some policies regarding your company culture, but keep it in mind that you are doing all this for your employees. If your employees are going to agree to these new changes, implement them only then. Take your tech talent’s advice openly and also check if they have any new suggestions.

  • Encourage positivity on the work floor

Not only should you point out the mistakes to your tech talent, you should also keep congratulating them now and then on their little achievements. You need a good rapport with all your tech employees which will allow them to approach you in times when they need to communicate to you about sensitive issues. Give them that confidence that they can reach you frankly and easily.

  • Build good communication with your tech talent

In terms of good communication, you need to first understand if you are good with communication skills. You can focus on listening to them as well. Only speak which is relevant to the problem and avoid being personal when you are pointing out mistakes. Keep your communication short and precise. You should not only focus on verbal communication, you should also develop well-written communication between you and your tech talent. Understanding and reading the body language of your tech employees is also essential. If you detect something is amiss, immediately have a personal chat with the tech talent before things get worse.

  • Give them team tasks more often

By creating more team tasks, you are directly encouraging a collaborative framework that will let your new employees learn more about your company’s goals. They will be able to learn more by collaborating with your senior tech talents and the seniors will learn management techniques as well. Moreover, if your tech talent is working together, they will be able to work more efficiently and they will be able to build a good rapport with each other as well.

  • Introduce some teamwork games before weekends

It is nothing new that your tech talent sometimes works on weekends as well. Because they are trying to give their best, to increase their productivity for the benefit of the company and sacrificing a lot of time for you, you can sometimes, especially on weekends, take some time out for fun games. These games will not only lighten up their work, but it will also increase team bonding. Bringing in smiles and thrills on the workforce will be much fruitful.

  • See to your tech talent’s mental well-being

Excessive stress is a part of the technology sector and it is very evident that your tech talent will be highly stressed during work. But as a leader, it is your responsibility to sometimes sympathize with the talent and look after their mental stress factors as well. Try and analyze the gravity of the responsibilities of each tech employee. Also, do not add external stress to those emotionally charged tech talent because a healthy mind is the key to productivity.

I hope the article has given you a view about how to create an ideal work environment for your tech talent. If you liked this article comment and share your reviews!




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