• Trent Cotton

    Trent Cotton

    Passionate HR guy, blogger, author. Beware, content has no filter!

  • June Coffey

    June Coffey

    Software Developer turned IT Specialist Recruitment Consultant, Entrepreneur, Proud mom of an 8 year old girl

  • Carl Robinson

    Carl Robinson

    Host of https://voicetechpodcast.com, riding the wave(form). Data Scientist, NLProc R&D. Paris, France. #voicefirst Got a voice article? http://bit.ly/2MLsjA7

  • Martin B.

    Martin B.

    An autodidact's quest to the understanding of the world and learning in order to be prepared for the future

  • Syanthiyana Sadagopal

    Syanthiyana Sadagopal

    CEO of two tech corporations, Inspirational Speaker, helps people in need. Mother, wife, fitness expert, she believes in creating her own destiny.

  • Shanmon Wilson

    Shanmon Wilson

    HR Director | Certified HR Professional | Successful Business Operator | Talent Identification and Development

  • Archer Recruitment IT Specialists

    Archer Recruitment IT Specialists

    A specialist IT, Data and Business Change Recruitment Consultancy focusing on aligning blue-chip employers and top IT talent.

  • Haider Albassam

    Haider Albassam

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